We are building the next generation internet


Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is an open source, cross platform foundation for sofTware developers.

Web 3.0

is an entirely new way to look at the internet.

As things stand today, internet users can’t really see what what a page is actually supposed to look like. Instead we have to infer the internet’s structure by trying to piece it all together using flat lists on flat screens into some kind of coherient whole. Future generations may well call us flatlanders. The web has grown exponentially and I beleve, very soon, we will have a new version to embrace and soon we will be able to see the richness around us.

Those that find web 3.0 will understand and those that don’t will remain in the dark.

Unleash the next generation of web application visualization and security flaw detection.

Out web 3.0 visualizer is a collaboration between Trinary Software and Hyperion Gray.